General requirements for life saving equipment
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1 when an emergency is available at the time of the emergency, when the equipment is available, the equipment is available;
In 2 of 30 to 65 DEG C. the air temperature range storage without damage;
3 submerged in sea water, sea water to 30 DEG C temperature range available in C 1;
4 it is not affected by the invasion of seawater, crude oil and mold;
5 exposed to the sun, should be able to resist aging metamorphism;
6 it is helpful to detect the location of the site with a clear and easy to see color;
7 is conducive to the detection of the location of the post reflective material posted;
8 clearly mark the approved information, including the approval of the competent authorities and any operational restrictions;
9 The competent authorities shall determine the time limit for the use of the life saving equipment which is easy to age and deteriorate.